8 Secrets Skin Smooth Koreans

8 Secrets Skin Smooth Koreans

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 secret korean skinOften observe Korean artists who performed with smooth skin, right? It turns out their smooth skin is not just a display on television alone. When a colleague stroll to Korea and observe the women there, most of the skin is smooth and pretty ones. How could you?

For Korean women, skin care is a matter of priority in maintaining her beauty, they could spend a long time just to clean the face. There are also some disciplinary steps taken to get silky smooth skin. Is always expensive? Ah, not really. The important thing is discipline and painstaking.

Well, what the hell do Korean women to get a smooth face, follows eight smooth skin beauty secrets of Korean women.

Secret 1: keep the skin moist

Maintain skin moisture and provide proper nutrition from vitamins and should not chemical drugs. Most of the women there was always the discipline of the water consumed, enter the menu of vegetables and fruits in daily diet to keep the skin and body to avoid dehydration.

In addition, they also compress the face with cold water for a few minutes every day.

Secret 2: Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing

Three steps must be taken every day. Three steps should also be done with discipline and there should be no word lazy or do not have time.

Cleansing: One of the steps taken by Suzy Bae is a technique in cleaning face 424. As quoted from stylecraze, Suzy clean your face using natural oils (such as coconut oil, almond or other cleansing oil mixture) and done for 4 minutes. This was followed by 2 min foaming cleanser (choose a soap free), then wash your face for 4 minutes, first with warm water, and topped off with cold water so that the pores closed.

Toning: Korean Women prefer to use a toner with fingers and patting the entire skin toner optimally absorbed.

Moisturising: wear moisturizer is also a particular way. First, the moisturizer is poured into the palm of the hand. Rubbed until it feels warm then newly painted flat over the face while DiMassage soft.

Secret 3: Wear Masks

Often see scenes of the woman who was wearing a mask in the Korean movie? So did their daily lives. They always give time to wear a mask MUST either instant or masks they made themselves from a mixture of egg white and honey. In addition, they also use traditional natural mask is inherited to the next, called the mask baekgangjam. The mask is made from cocoons, and usefulness can whiten the skin naturally.

Secret 4: Neck Care

The neck also need to be treated, not only the skin only. Because if treated only the skin then the result will often be different stripes and colors. Facial skin care, the same applied to the skin of the neck.

Secret 5: Get enough sleep

Having a beautiful skin secret is it simply enough to sleep. At least in a day you have to sleep 6-8 hours so maintain skin health.

Secret 6: Choosing beauty products

Lately, Korean cosmetics is quite popular in Indonesia. There are a variety of cosmetics with a variety of benefits offered. Approximately which they wore ya? Apparently, in their daily life, women can wear 10-20 Korean beauty products to maintain and maximize the beauty of her skin. Hmmm … you can imagine how much time is spent on skin care than yes.

But be careful, because there are many fake products that utilize frills Korean names for a profit and abusing the many harmful ingredients in it. 

Secret 7: Stretching Face

General facial gymnastics practiced by Korean artists. By saying “ma me mi mo mu” for approximately 10 minutes, will help train and stretch the muscles in the cheeks and lips. When the facial muscles relax, the blood circulation will flow more smoothly.

Secret 8: Simple Makeup

The Korean women prefer simple makeup with a color that is not too flashy and more. Generally they wore minimalist makeup that improve the appearance of the eye by using eyeliner and mascara, brow gel, a little blush and lipstick or lip gloss on the lips.

It was not difficult also it has a smooth skin face like the Koreans. discipline and patience will determine success or failure, so, keep the spirit

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